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The Journey Continues

As I wrote earlier, I am trying to open my own business.  I want to offer baked goods that are completely homemade.  Everything will be made from scratch.  Well, I am still pursuing it, but it is going to take longer than I figured.  I had no idea how many red-tape hoops I was going to need to jump through.

The hard part is understanding it all - I’m a baker.  I need someone who understands it all to be by my side helping me to make the important decisions.  Also, I think I am going to need to find an investor or two.  I can’t afford to build a new kitchen to meet health code standards, but I know in my heart this is what I am to be doing.

So, please pray for this new journey for me.  I turn 50 years old this month and need a new direction in my life.  God blessed me with this passion for baking, I actually get giddy when I think about baking and cooking.  I just want to brighten peoples days with a homemade treats.  Hopefully I can be operational by spring.

In the meantime, if you need something made for a party, a dessert, or just want to share with your officemates, then let me know.  I am also going to offer my services to people who may need someone to make their Christmas cookies for them.

Blessings Always, Mama J

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Grand Opening Coming Soon

Welcome to Homemade by Mama J.   

About 2 years ago, I discovered I really like to bake and cook.  It started with Christmas cookies, which I had not made all of my 24 years of marriage.  They intimidated me.  This particular year I went nuts.  I probably made about 80 dozen cookies.  We ate them, I gave them as gifts, and just gave them away.  People seemed to like them.  Actually, I couldn’t stop baking.  We had so many cookies laying around the house.

As time passed, I have found my new passion for cooking and baking just growing.  I am constantly looking and experimenting with new recipes.  Actually I have discovered I am a recipe addict.  :)  As I would post pictures of some of creations, comments often led to my doing this as a business.  Well, God has opened the door for just that.

With the help of my wonderful children, Olivia and Blake, we are starting Homemade by Mama J.  We are starting out with baked goods - cookies, muffins, quick breads, pies, brownies, triffles.  

In the coming days we will be updating this blog with menu items, ordering information and upcoming events.  

Please be in prayer as we start our new family business.

With love, Mama J